Whether you are a seasoned athlete, regular recreational exerciser, or just starting to exercise personal training can help improve your lifestyle and health status. Ken Rose will work with you through all levels of exercise to better improve your overall well-being and level of fitness.

As a former All Pro NFL player, Kru Ken knows what is takes to get in condition and keep your eye on the prize. With over 30 years of Muay Thai training, studying with the masters of Thailand, Ken Rose has developed a program that mixes his special brand of Muay Thai combat skills with the awesome power of professional athletic conditioning.

From beginners to the top professional fighter, Ken Rose Warriors Muay Thai / MMA training center in Newbury Park, California brings out the best in everyone.  With Ken Rose, anyone with the desire to be the best they can be will discover power, stamina and skills they didn’t think they had and be amazed to find their own inner warrior.

Contact us and we will help you to make your dreams come true!                      
Ken Rose Muay Thai MMA Center
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